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Access is denied

Fix: uTorrent access is denied

uTorrent is a BitTorrent client software with over 150 million users across the globe. It is made to allow peer-to-peer file sharing between its users, it uses the BitTorrent protocol to transfer files from one peer to another. It consists of peers, seeds, and leaches. Peers and seeds are the uploaders while leaches are the downloaders.

Error: Access is denied, (WriteToDisk)

A lot of users on the uTorrent forums reported that most versions after the update 3.4.2, give a vague error when trying to download a torrent. The error says that access to disk has been denied and that the torrent can’t be downloaded. The error could occur while a torrent is in progress.

What causes uTorrent to give “access is denied (write to disk)” error?

Before we try and find a solution, we first have to determine the cause of this problem. Here are the most frequent causes.

  • uTorrent not having administrative privileges: Most of the time the error where the torrent says that it can’t write to disk is because it is not given administrator privileges. To fix this, all you would have to do is to give administrator privileges to uTorrent and it will start downloading again.
  • Folder not granted access: In some cases, users reported that the folder in which a torrent is being downloaded is not giving access to uTorrent, it is somehow set to read-only. To fix these issues you would either have to remove the read-only property of that folder or just create a new folder and download your torrents there.
  • An internal bug that stops the download: There are some chances that a bug in the uTorrent is responsible for this behavior. Some users got the problem fixed when they tried resetting the download location through the uTorrent client.

Not to worry, the following methods will allow you to find and fix the cause of this problem.

Method 1: Granting administrative privileges to uTorrent

In order for an application to work properly on windows, it must be granted administrative privileges. The same is true for uTorrent. In most cases, the “access is denied” error is caused because the uTorrent doesn’t have the required privileges. To fix this you could just run it as an administrator, but then you would have to run it as administrator every time you start it. To permanently run it as an administrator, before continuing, make sure you have set up your account as an administrator.

  1. Open the Start menu and search for uTorrent. Open the file location of uTorrent
  2. Once it appears in the search, right-click on it and open its file location by clicking on Open file location. This will take you to the uTorrent’s shortcut folder.
  3. Right-click on the uTorrent’s shortcut and again click on Open file location.
  4. Now once you are in the root directory of uTorrent, right-click on the uTorrent.exe and click Properties.
  5. Go into the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator tick box. Tick the Run this program as an administrator tick-box
  6. Also, click on the “Run this Program in compatibility mode for” option and select “Service Pack 3” from the dropdown.
  7. Click Apply and then click OK. Now start the client and see if the error is gone or not.

Method 2: Unchecking the read-only property of the download folder

If the first method didn’t work for you, then the error might be caused due to the fact that the folder in which you are downloading your torrent has its Read-only property checked. You will have to create a new folder and un-tick its Read-only property to get rid of this error.

  1. To create a new folder, right-click anywhere and then hover the pointer over the New option and then click Folder. Create a New Folder
  2. Once the folder is created rename it to your needs and right-click on it and then open its properties by clicking on Properties.
  3. Under the General tab, untick the Read-only (Only applies to files in the folder). Untick the Read-only tick-box
  4. Now click on Apply and then click on OK. It might take some seconds to apply the changes.
  5. Now try downloading your torrent again and only use this folder as your download folder for uTorrent.

Method 3: To reset the download folder from the torrent settings

Now, this method is similar to the previous one, there is a bug in the uTorrent that doesn’t allow it to recognize the folder in which it has started downloading, the folder is there but still, it gives the write error.

  1. Right-click on the torrent that is displaying the error message: Access is denied (write to disk).
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over Advanced. Now select “Set download location”. Set the download location
  3. Next, you will have to re-select the same folder that was used before or select a new folder. Now click OK.
  4. Now right click on the torrent again and select Start. See if this fixed the error. Restart the torrent

Quick fix — Drive is not accessible access is denied in Windows 10/8/7


Windows 10/8/7 Explorer prevents you from opening the drive d, e or f due to the error ‘drive is not accessible access is denied’, how do you manage to get into the data? First of all, we provide a unique yet effective solution to gaining access/permission to the current drive; second, as a complementary solution, recommend a piece of hard drive data recovery software to scan and recover data from an inaccessible storage drive.

How do I fix access denied error on an external hard drive?

«For some unknown reasons, my Seagate external hard drive stopped working last week. Every time when I plug it into my laptop and try to open it, I get a popup box that says «Location not available: G: is not accessible. Access is denied». How do I fix the error? I am using Windows 10.»

Have you ever been caught in such a situation and tried to access a hard drive partition that is inaccessible? If yes, here, you can read how to fix the drive is not accessible error without losing data.

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Nowadays, external hard drives are widely used by people to store personal data like text files, pictures, audios, videos, etc. But sometimes, the disk shows ‘Location is not available’, along with the details «Drive X: is not accessible. Access is denied» error message, and this error prevents users from accessing any of their files. Many PC & Laptop owners have reported this issue in many different situations as well as on different versions of operating systems like Windows 10/8/7.

To fully illustrate how this problem arises and how it ends, I did an experiment to give you an example. I created an exact situation on my own computer and followed the same path to resolve the issue finally.

Beforehand, to test out the effectiveness of the solution in the next part, I disabled the user authorization in the drive E: properties. Sure, the drive can be replaced by drive D:, F: or G:, or any other existing drive partition that may run into the same error as showcased here. Take my own computer as an example, I modified the E drive properties, and now I got a greyed out NTFS drive, with the information of free space & used space lost, too.

When I double-click on it, I got the error message» E: is not accessible. Access is denied» as expected.

When I click «OK», nothing changes here.


Usually, when your external hard drive shows the «Drive is not accessible. Access is denied» error message, it suggests that you don’t have the privilege of accessing to the disk partition. So, to fix the issue, you have to take ownership to get permission.

To fix «Drive is not accessible. Access is denied» error in Windows Explorer:

Step 1. Right-click on the inaccessible hard drive, select «Properties». Switch to the «Security» tab, where you should see the reason why you aren’t able to open the drive with the info saying «You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object. Click Advanced to continue». Then click «Advanced» as told.

Step 2. Click «Change» to attempt the operation with administrative permissions.

Step 3. When asked to select User or Group, choose the «Advanced» option first. In the Common Queries, select «Find Now», which will give a list of search results of user names.

Generally, Windows adds four user groups to the Security, including Authenticated users, Administrators, Users, and System. If you add just Administrators and System, you’ll disallow to access the disk and even read its properties such as the used & free space. That’s why you need to add the Users account into the Security.

Scroll down to find the «Authenticated Users», by clicking «OK» to add it.

Tip: If you don’t clearly know which section you’re missing in the Security, try to add several more names in the same way until you got the right permission. Otherwise, choose «Everyone» to allow access with no limit.

Step 4. Confirm saving the changes you’ve made. Return to the Explorer, and now my drive E shows normal again. I can open it without receiving any further error message.

To recover data and format disk to fix «Drive is not accessible. Access is denied» error:

If Windows Explorer properties cannot help, you can move to recover data from the inaccessible hard drive and format the disk for repair. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes handy whenever Windows detects your hard drive, though you lost the access to the drive, it can help you to scan and recover all the data files, including the lost items a long time ago, from the currently not opening hard drive. Once it finishes the scan, you choose files to recover.

Download and launch EaseUS data recovery software.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer. Select the hard drive which becomes inaccessible on your PC. Click «Scan» to let this program scan and find your hard drive data.

Step 2. After the scan, you can preview and check found files on the scanning result window. Click «Filter» to quickly find a specific type of file. You can preview the file by double-clicking it.

Step 3. Finally, select the items you want to get back and click «Recover». Choose a secure location (second hard drive partition on your PC or another external storage device). And then click «OK» to start recovering all lost data from your inaccessible hard drive.

After the data recovery has finished, go to My Computer or This PC, right-click the disk you need to repair and then choose Format. In the pop-up window, you can set a file system and cluster size and then click the OK button.

100 % of people found this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

«EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best we’ve seen. It’s far from perfect, partly because today’s advanced disk technology makes data-recovery more difficult than it was with the simpler technology of the past, but it’s fast and efficient. « —PCMag

«The first thing you’ll notice about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is that its interface is very clear and uncluttered, with only a small collection of self-explanatory controls. You won’t find lots of extra options hidden in a system of hidden menus, either; what you see really is what you get.» —techradar

«Recover lost files, even after deleting a partition or formatting your drive.» —Macworld

2. Why cannot I recover 2GB data for free?

It is recommended to check the version installed is Free or Trial because they are different versions.

Trial has data preview function but cannot save any files, while the Free version enables to recover 2 GB files. The default free space is 500 MB and you may share the product on social media to get another 1.5 GB.

3. Why cannot the recovered files be opened?

A file is saved as 2 parts on the storage device: directory info (which is comprised by file name, time stamp and size info, etc.) and data content.

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If the files with original file names and folder structures cannot be opened, one possible reason is the corrupted directory info. There is still a chance to recover the data content with the RAW Recovery method in our software.

4. Why isn’t it suggested to recover the files back to the original drive?

The storage structure of the lost files would be altered or damaged by any changes on the drive. If you save the recovered files back to the same drive, the original data structures and data content would be corrupted or overwritten, which causes permanent data loss. So you should prepare another disk to save the files.

5. How can I check whether my data is recoverable or not before purchase?

The Free version helps you save 2GB files to better verify the recovery quality of our product before purchase.

6. How long does it take to scan the drive?

It strongly depends on the capacity of your hard drive and the performance of your computer. As reference,most drive recoveries can be completed in around 10 to 12 hours for a 1-TB healthy hard drive in general conditions.

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About Data Recovery Wizard

It’s super easy to recover 250+ types of files after deletion, disk formatting and virus infection. Click the links and compare the difference of each version.

access denied

1 access denied

  1. отказ в доступе к системе
  2. доступ невозможен


  • электросвязь, основные понятия


отказ в доступе к системе

[Л.Г.Суменко. Англо-русский словарь по информационным технологиям. М.: ГП ЦНИИС, 2003.]


2 access denied

3 access denied

4 access denied

5 access denied

6 access denied

7 access denied

8 access denied

9 access denied

10 access denied

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Access is denied error when attaching a SQL Server database

By: Simon Liew | Updated: 2016-12-05 | Comments (5) | Related: More > Database Administration

Two database administrators are members of the local server Administrators group on a SQL Server machine and they also have sysadmin rights on the SQL Server instance.

The following scenario occurs:

  1. DBA one detached a database using his/her Windows login
  2. DBA two tries to attach the database using his/her Windows login. DBA two is unable attach the database with error below. DBA two then connects to the SQL Server instance using a SQL login which has sysadmin privileges and is still unable to attach the database with the same error message.

When a database is detached using a Windows login, the detached mdf and ldf file permissions will be set to only the Windows login that detached the database. The database files permissions need to be granted explicitly to allow either the Database Engine security identifier (SID) NT SERVICEMSSQLSERVER or the Windows login that attempts to attach the database.

When the database is reattached, the database files permissions will be set to the Database Engine SID and the individual Windows login privileges will be removed.

Below are the steps to depict this scenario on SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition. Two domain user accounts are created — SQLAdminOne and SQLAdminTwo. Both user accounts are added to the Windows server local Administrator group and granted sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server instance.

Step 1: Create TestDB database

Step 2: Check TestDB file permission for mdf and ldf

Step 3: SQLAdminOne detaches TestDB database

Step 4: Check TestDB file permission for mdf and ldf again

The database files mdf and ldf permissions have changed and full privileges are only granted to SQLAdminOne.

Step 5: SQLAdminTwo tries to attach TestDB database

When SQLAdminTwo tries to attach the database, an access denied error is encountered because of limited permissions on the database files.

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This is the error message.

Step 6: Grant full permission on both TestDB mdf and ldf files

For SQLAdminTwo to be able to reattach the database, full permissions on the mdf and ldf needs to be granted to either the Database Engine SID NT SERVICEMSSQLSERVER or the Windows login of the DBA who attempts to reattach the database. In this tip, SQLAdminTwo is granted full privileges on the database files.

Step 7: Reattach TestDB database

SQLAdminTwo now attaches the database and the operation is successful.

The database files permission is now reset to the Database Engine SID NT SERVICEMSSQLSERVER. The Windows login privileges for both SQLAdminOne and SQLAdminTwo were removed.


SQL Server sets database file access permissions when a database is attached or detached using a Windows login. This behavior is not applicable when using a SQL login to attach or detach a database as the SQL login will be using the Database Engine Service SID for the operation.

SQL Server 2005 introduced trace flag 1802 which retains the database files permission after the detach operation. The trace flag is tested and still applicable with SQL Server 2016.

This behavior is not a bug, but rather by design to make sure the login attaching the database has sufficient permissions on the files and not leveraging the SQL Server service account to attach files they do not own.

This behavior is documented on Database Detach and Attach (SQL Server) «Security — File access permissions are set during a number of database operations, including detaching or attaching a database.»

Как исправить ошибку Windows Defender 5 Access Denied

Совместима с Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 и 10

Признаки ошибки 5 Access Denied

  • Появляется сообщение «Ошибка 5 Access Denied» и окно активной программы вылетает.
  • Ваш компьютер часто прекращает работу после отображения ошибки 5 Access Denied при запуске определенной программы.
  • Отображается “Windows Defender Error Code 5 Access Is Denied”.
  • Windows медленно работает и медленно реагирует на ввод с мыши или клавиатуры.
  • Компьютер периодически «зависает» на несколько секунд.

Такие сообщения об ошибках 5 Access Denied могут появляться в процессе установки программы, когда запущена программа, связанная с Microsoft Corporation (например, Windows Defender), при запуске или завершении работы Windows, или даже при установке операционной системы Windows. Отслеживание момента появления ошибки 5 Access Denied является важной информацией при устранении проблемы.

Причины ошибки 5 Access Denied

  • Поврежденная загрузка или неполная установка программного обеспечения Windows Defender.
  • Повреждение реестра Windows Defender из-за недавнего изменения программного обеспечения (установка или удаление), связанного с Windows Defender.
  • Вирус или вредоносное ПО, которые повредили файл Windows или связанные с Windows Defender программные файлы.
  • Другая программа злонамеренно или по ошибке удалила файлы, связанные с Windows Defender.

Ошибки типа Ошибки во время выполнения, такие как «Ошибка 5 Access Denied», могут быть вызваны целым рядом факторов, поэтому важно устранить каждую из возможных причин, чтобы предотвратить повторение ошибки в будущем.

Ошибки во время выполнения в базе знаний

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Как исправить ошибку Windows Defender 5 Access Denied

Ниже описана последовательность действий по устранению ошибок, призванная решить проблемы Ошибка 5 Access Denied. Данная последовательность приведена в порядке от простого к сложному и от менее затратного по времени к более затратному, поэтому мы настоятельно рекомендуем следовать данной инструкции по порядку, чтобы избежать ненужных затрат времени и усилий.

Пожалуйста, учтите: Нажмите на изображение [ ] , чтобы развернуть инструкции по устранению проблем по каждому из шагов ниже. Вы также можете использовать изображение [ ], чтобы скрывать инструкции по мере их выполнения.

Шаг 1: Восстановить записи реестра, связанные с ошибкой 5 Access Denied

Редактирование реестра Windows вручную с целью удаления содержащих ошибки ключей Ошибка 5 Access Denied не рекомендуется, если вы не являетесь специалистом по обслуживанию ПК. Ошибки, допущенные при редактировании реестра, могут привести к неработоспособности вашего ПК и нанести непоправимый ущерб вашей операционной системе. На самом деле, даже одна запятая, поставленная не в том месте, может воспрепятствовать загрузке компьютера!

В связи с подобным риском мы настоятельно рекомендуем использовать надежные инструменты очистки реестра, такие как WinThruster [Загрузить] (разработанный Microsoft Gold Certified Partner), чтобы просканировать и исправить любые проблемы, связанные с Ошибка 5 Access Denied. Используя очистку реестра [Загрузить], вы сможете автоматизировать процесс поиска поврежденных записей реестра, ссылок на отсутствующие файлы (например, вызывающих ошибку %%error_name%%) и нерабочих ссылок внутри реестра. Перед каждым сканированием автоматически создается резервная копия, позволяющая отменить любые изменения одним кликом и защищающая вас от возможного повреждения компьютера. Самое приятное, что устранение ошибок реестра [Загрузить] может резко повысить скорость и производительность системы.

Предупреждение: Если вы не являетесь опытным пользователем ПК, мы НЕ рекомендуем редактирование реестра Windows вручную. Некорректное использование Редактора реестра может привести к серьезным проблемам и потребовать переустановки Windows. Мы не гарантируем, что неполадки, являющиеся результатом неправильного использования Редактора реестра, могут быть устранены. Вы пользуетесь Редактором реестра на свой страх и риск.

Перед тем, как вручную восстанавливать реестр Windows, необходимо создать резервную копию, экспортировав часть реестра, связанную с Ошибка 5 Access Denied (например, Windows Defender):

  1. Нажмите на кнопку Начать.
  2. Введите «command» в строке поиска. ПОКА НЕ НАЖИМАЙТЕENTER!
  3. Удерживая клавиши CTRL-Shift на клавиатуре, нажмите ENTER.
  4. Будет выведено диалоговое окно для доступа.
  5. Нажмите Да.
  6. Черный ящик открывается мигающим курсором.
  7. Введите «regedit» и нажмите ENTER.
  8. В Редакторе реестра выберите ключ, связанный с Ошибка 5 Access Denied (например, Windows Defender), для которого требуется создать резервную копию.
  9. В меню Файл выберите Экспорт.
  10. В списке Сохранить в выберите папку, в которую вы хотите сохранить резервную копию ключа Windows Defender.
  11. В поле Имя файла введите название файла резервной копии, например «Windows Defender резервная копия».
  12. Убедитесь, что в поле Диапазон экспорта выбрано значение Выбранная ветвь.
  13. Нажмите Сохранить.
  14. Файл будет сохранен с расширением .reg.
  15. Теперь у вас есть резервная копия записи реестра, связанной с Windows Defender.

Следующие шаги при ручном редактировании реестра не будут описаны в данной статье, так как с большой вероятностью могут привести к повреждению вашей системы. Если вы хотите получить больше информации о редактировании реестра вручную, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь со ссылками ниже.

Мы не несем никакой ответственности за результаты действий, совершенных по инструкции, приведенной ниже — вы выполняете эти задачи на свой ​​страх и риск.

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